Biddy Murphy

  • Biddy Murphy Irish Wool Scarf 12″ x 63″ 100% Lambswool Scarf Made in Ireland

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    MADE IN IRELAND – This Irish wool scarf is made by our supplier partner, John Hanly & Co., an Irish weaver, family-owned company for three centuries, located in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Inspired by the beauty of Co. Tipperary, they expertly craft Irish fabrics into scarves, caps and blankets
    100% IRISH LAMBSWOOL – Combining the beauty of Irish wool with centuries of weaving artistry, this wool scarf provides the right amount of warmth and classic style. Lambswool is soft and gentle to the skin as it contains lanolin, a natural moisturizer.
    LONG-LASTING- This Irish scarf is sure to last for many seasons of style. The best way for you to enjoy your Biddy Murphy scarf for years to come is to dry-clean onl